30 October 2013

Moving blog!

I've moved my blog to http://blog.noukkasigne.com to eventually integrate it in my website more smoothly.
I'd greatly appreciate if everyone who followed me here will move with me to the new place! All the old posts and comments have been imported from here, so you won't miss a thing when you follow the new blog.

There's a RSS feed available and if you prefer bloglovin' just click here.

Thank you so much!

13 July 2013

Life in Retina part 1

A while ago I bought an old Kodak Retina 1a camera.
It's from 1952, with no range meter and no viewfinder through the lens so you can't see whether your setting are right or if the focus is on spot. It's experimenting and trying out and using every bit of knowledge about camera settings and light that I've got. Composing is a challenge because you're not looking through the lens, but through a separate viewfinder above the lens and getting the focus right is counting meters. It's definitely not easy, but it's been a lot of fun. I just got the first roll back and here's a little bit of the result.
I'll scan the rest once I've got tape and a ruler to get the frame right. And a better scanner...!

"All" photos from the camera will be part of an on-going project called "Life in Retina".
You can follow the Facebook album here.

This is my new baby

(damaged part of the film)

08 April 2013

Sarah visited!

A few weeks ago Sarah (her flickr) came to Utrecht to visit me and stayed for a few days. The weather was cold so we weren't outside much. Here's a shot from Starbucks and the rest is from the last day when we took photos in the park :)

16 November 2012

Anne Korff de Gidts

Back in May I had a photoshoot with a Dutch cellist, Anne Korff de Gidts.
We went out to the "Amsterdamse Bos" and tried several locations and outifts :)
I'm still very happy with the results, so I decided to share them in a blog post.

You can follow her twitter here: https://twitter.com/ankorffdegidts






03 November 2012

Enjoying fall with Casper

Cas and I went to the woods on Friday. It's a spot I've seen from the train many times, and really wanted to go there ever since I saw it for the firs time (which was 3 years ago).  It was just as gorgeous as I’d imagined, even more, actually, because it’s been planted for a villa, and when they look out their window, they can see right through the trees, all the way to the sunset (the spot where we throw the leaves, and that was Cas’ idea. He’s just as cheesy as I am haha). It was so odd to see it for real, to actually be there, after just having seen it while racing by. Then he took me to the “Klimduin” (climbing dune) (the photo with the house is the view), a place he often visited as a kid and he loved playing there. We walked through the woods to get the view over the dunes (last photos) and then walked back in the almost dark to go to dinner (he promised me pancakes). The photos of just me were taken by him, and I used my bag as a tripod for the ones of us together :)


04 August 2012

Berlin with MAD: Tempelhof with my sister

My little "Where the wild things are"/magician nephew ♥
Three of my favorite people
My sister and I rocking out and being silly (taken by Seumas)
Berlin Tempelhof (airport turned park, it's amazing and surreal)☻♥