13 July 2013

Life in Retina part 1

A while ago I bought an old Kodak Retina 1a camera.
It's from 1952, with no range meter and no viewfinder through the lens so you can't see whether your setting are right or if the focus is on spot. It's experimenting and trying out and using every bit of knowledge about camera settings and light that I've got. Composing is a challenge because you're not looking through the lens, but through a separate viewfinder above the lens and getting the focus right is counting meters. It's definitely not easy, but it's been a lot of fun. I just got the first roll back and here's a little bit of the result.
I'll scan the rest once I've got tape and a ruler to get the frame right. And a better scanner...!

"All" photos from the camera will be part of an on-going project called "Life in Retina".
You can follow the Facebook album here.

This is my new baby

(damaged part of the film)

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