20 April 2011

Day 2, 3 and 4 in Berlin :)

Rowen learning to ride a bike. 
He could do it alone by the second try!! :o

Sitting in Mauerpark, enjoying the weather and eating sushi with Vivian

haha, obviously finished hahaha

Day 3, in the park

Day 4, playground and Fernsehturm (unedited because I'm too lazyyy and they're fine)

My sister made these:


I realize these are mostly just kinda the  'vacation snapshot' type but I don't care ;p it's nice to document it a bit


  1. Wow, these pictures are wonderful! I worked with Seumas when he played Blue Man in Stockholm. I miss this family, they're fantastic! Hope you had a great time in Berlin!
    Blog: http://diarybyvince.se

  2. ooooh I can comment without signing my name down for anything!!
    super mooie photos lievie... ziet er fantastisch uit! xx