25 April 2011

Hey! I really like your photographs, amazing work! Are there people who steal them? And what do you do if there are persons who copy them? Best wishes :)

Hi! Thank you so much :)
Yes, occasionally. Usually it's just a blog post without credit, but I've also had a couple who claimed it was their photo. And people who use my photos as RPG character, which I honestly find slightly creepy, especially one that took ALL my photos, even webcam shots.
When I find a photo of mine without credit, I ask the person who made the post to either remove it, or put a link to my flickr under the photo. If I find it on weheartit or visualize, I make a tag with my name. I tried once to get them removed by weheartit, but they never did, so I gave up and just started tagging. If I find it on facebook, I claim copyright and facebook removes it.
One faker on a foreign website already got reported by a lot of people because they recognized it was me, and another on facebook got deleted because I claimed copyright.
Oh, and when I say "I find" it also includes the sweet messages I get from people telling me they found my photo uncredited. :)
When I started posting my photos on the internet, I was aware that stealing could someday happen, and that spreading without credit is very common, so I don't get too worked up about it, unless someone claims it's theirs.
I try my best to have credit put where credit is due and that's all I can do. I don't want to remove my photos from flickr, or tumblr or facebook or anything, I love the good side of the community too much.
Thank you, take care :)

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