02 January 2012


I like my comfy room, with my warm bed and secured internet. I like knowing I’m safe. I often found change scary, and I’d rather spend the day with a good book on the couch. But now….
I miss discovering new places, meeting new people. 
I miss feeling at home, because you feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable at places you’ve never been before. I miss that anxious feeling of “oh god where am I now?”, simply to find out you’re fine, and you will be fine. I miss walking around and everything is new. I miss having a good book as good company in a place I haven’t been before. I miss sitting in a cafe with a warm cup of coffee, looking out the window, and the view is something you haven’t seen before. I miss new things, I miss the adventure. I miss the satisfactory feeling of “Today, I was alive. I felt alive. I’ve lived for today. Let’s do the same tomorrow.”
Too much routine scares me, too much safety bores me. The world is fascinating and I want to live in it, discover new things every day. There’s so much life left to live, yet so little time.
(And somewhere in the back of my mind, I know, every day is a new day with new things, you don’t need to travel to see new people. But I’m so curious of what’s out there. There, on the other side of the country, continent, world. Everywhere. Oh, everywhere and everyone.) 


  1. I've been struggling with this lately too. There is difficulty in the practical side of it. I don't know how to make my wanderlust reconcile with finances.


  2. And the picture is stunning!