19 May 2012

Battled.: "Behind the Scenes!"

Seriously, this is what happened when I had to use paint for school and I had lots of white left on the plate and I put it on my nose, and then my cheeks and then my remote was covered in paint, oops, and I tried not to make my camera dirty, and I think I succeeded haha. It was so much fun, and then I walked around the house with my face like this for a bit, and oh don't forget that my hands were completely covered in paint as well, haha, until I got my hat out, I did wash it all off before touching my hat :)


  1. Noukka, you are so incredibly beautiful! I love all these photographs, you are such a happy, wonderful girl :)

  2. A good artist knows how to turn a little accident into a brilliant piece of work - so I guess mission is accomplished on your side!

    By the way dear, happy happy birthday :)

  3. aww, you're sooo pretty! And hahaha, the things we do for photography! xx