03 November 2012

Enjoying fall with Casper

Cas and I went to the woods on Friday. It's a spot I've seen from the train many times, and really wanted to go there ever since I saw it for the firs time (which was 3 years ago).  It was just as gorgeous as I’d imagined, even more, actually, because it’s been planted for a villa, and when they look out their window, they can see right through the trees, all the way to the sunset (the spot where we throw the leaves, and that was Cas’ idea. He’s just as cheesy as I am haha). It was so odd to see it for real, to actually be there, after just having seen it while racing by. Then he took me to the “Klimduin” (climbing dune) (the photo with the house is the view), a place he often visited as a kid and he loved playing there. We walked through the woods to get the view over the dunes (last photos) and then walked back in the almost dark to go to dinner (he promised me pancakes). The photos of just me were taken by him, and I used my bag as a tripod for the ones of us together :)


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  1. Anonymous4/11/12 08:33

    Wonderful photos :) It´s such a lovely place with all the trees. And the light is very nice too. :)