29 November 2010


I walked out the university building today and it was snowing. I absolutely love snow, and I love it more when it stays, especially in town. Amsterdam looks even prettier than usual under a white blanket. All the bridges and the lights. The world seems to be shining underneath because of the white snow under the grey clouds.
I love snow. I love how it looks and how it feels. You can throw it, you can write in it, and under certain circumstances, you can ski or snowboard in it.
I'm the kind of girl that would stand still in the middle of a square, just to take the time to enjoy the view, with all the flakes falling down and people walking faster, or to take the time to enjoy the feeling of the snow falling on her face.
I love the cold. I love how it seems to clean everything. I love how it makes sitting inside with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and a book so much more fun. I love to have even more of an excuse to walk or stand close to my boyfriend, or walk arm in arm with friends.

Maybe I love winter and snow so much because it reminds me of Christmas and skiing. Christmas, whether it was in Denmark or here, has always been the time that I had at least one of my sisters with me, and my Danish family close to me. To decorate the Christmas tree together, cook together, eat together, put the presents under the tree, to sing and dance and unpack and have fun together. Christmas is probably one of my favorite times of the year.
And the ski vacations in Italy or Austria were so much fun. With my cousins, and when I was younger, both of my sisters. Celebrating my youngest sister's birthday, eat cheese fondue, play Risk, drink hot chocolate for the kids and Gl├╝hwein for the adults. Go out in the snow. Have little competitions. Take the last elevator up, be the only ones on the piste, going down in twilight.

Too bad both things have changed. Christmas this year is extremely vague, and I might not see any of my sisters. Ski vacation probably won't happen as the group is getting too old, in different ways. My sisters no longer come along, nor do my cousins because they go on their own, nor do my parent's friends because they feel like their not up to it anymore.
Oh well, at least I still have snow... :)

Happy holidays and enjoy the winter :)

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