29 November 2010

What are your favorite blogs/people for inspiration ? Also do you read any books on photography to learn from? You are amazing I am in love with all your work and you seem like a real down to earth chick:)

Sorry for this really late answer, but... ehm I don't really have specific blogs that inspire me, just most of the people who I follow on tumblr, which are over a hundred.
Flickr people who inspire me are Rona Keller, Laura Zalenga, Sophie Ellis (crashbangsqueak), Birthe Berger (unwritten futures) and I've probably forgotten a few, but you could take a look through my flickr favorites: http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvettears/favorites/
I have one photography book; photography in the 20th century, and I've looked through a few photographer's books, but with a bit of shame I have to admit that I don't really read/look at any photography books, nor could you ask me about which photographers I like if you want non-flickr/deviantart people....
I'm horribly ignorant about that, thankfully my photography course begins with a few inspiring photographers each week ;p

And thank you very much :)
I'm sorry... I tend to ramble...

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