17 December 2010

Snow in Amsterdam

It snowed so much again today. It was a hell to get through the first part when I had to go to school, but it was so beautiful that I couldn't be annoyed. Once I was more in the city, it was really fun to watch everything and everyone because it seemed like everything moved in slowmotion, especially the cars. It looked nice.

And when I cycled back from school, I saw a lot of people with camera's, which made me even happier because, with all the reactions too, people were mostly appreciating all the snow.

I've said several times that I don't quite understand why people would go on vacation to the Netherlands, but I'm revising. If you do, and you come to Amsterdam, I can recommend you two times of year:

1) Spring/Summer, when the sun starts shining for the first few times that year and the temperature's rising slowly but steadily. Because basically everyone will feel great and want to enjoy the weather. We'll all be outside and sitting along the water. It becomes.... "gezellig"
2) Freshly fallen snow, because it's so beautiful. The thin ice on the water, the snow on the trees and the buildings and all the Christmas lights and Amsterdam's beauty just... shines...

It really is a beautiful city. <3
Anyway, here's some photos from today :)


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