03 January 2011

Day at the beach

My parents, my foster brother, my sister and her boyfriend and me went to the beach yesterday. (:
My sister has left now, back to Ireland, but my other one is arriving from Vienna tonight <3


  1. Gave foto´s! Het moet wel erg mooi (en koud) zijn aan zee zeg.. Vooral de derde foto geeft echt zo'n heerlijk nostalgisch zeegevoel

    Je hebt trouwens echt een mooie blog & flickr!

    x Lara


  2. You shoot them in RAW and edit the tone accordingly or do you have any specific presets to make them look so retro! Love them!

  3. Dankje, Lara!

    Justin, I usually decide temperature and light in RAW and then in JPG I usually start with an action (I have quite a few downloaded from deviantart), and start playing around and adjusting from there on :]

  4. I love these shots. I get such a sense of family when i look at them.

    I also love your flickr photostream. I hate to sound like a fangirl but I think your pictures are beautiful.